How I hosted and planned a rally at eighteen

A few weeks ago my worst nightmare came true, I got the news that the Heartbeat Bill was going into effect this September. A very scary thing to hear as a sexual assault survivor. I didn’t sleep that night, and by the morning I had come to the decision, I would be hosting a rally in opposition to the Heartbeat Bill in order to protect victims of sexual assault. I want to show everyone that it is possible, especially for those already involved in activism, so I want to go through the steps that I took to plan this event so others can use it for reference.

Warning: This is so stressful and takes a lot of effort so be sure you are in the right headspace to take on the project.

  1. Figure out a date, time, and location for your event
  2. Start a Gofundme to raise money so you don’t have to front the whole cost.
  3. Contact big organizations in your city/metroplex; I used facebook messenger and email for reaching out.
  4. Make a lot of phone calls to people who could potentially help you organize.
  5. Contact speakers, get organizations to contact speakers, post about it everywhere: Instagram, tik tok, snapchat, twitter, facebook
  6. Rent a space, you will likely have to pay for security but you are allowed to protest/rally against something, that is your right, so that fee must be waived. Prepare for a lot of paperwork.
  7. Use facebook messenger to reach people you have never talked to
  8. Pull every connection you have, teachers, professors, old friends, family friends.
  9. Create a facebook event
  10. Create an event on, and team up with other organizations
  11. Make volunteer t-shirts
  12. Get a speaker system (figure this out before hand) you can usually rent for a day and it isn’t that expensive
  13. Be respectful to law enforcement there, you cannot make a point if violence erupts.
  14. Have people go with you to the rally to help you set up.
  15. Have some chants ready
  16. Make a google form where people can sign up to volunteer
  17. Make pamphlets for the rally
  18. Use google calendar to keep track of meetings with people.

Hope these tips will help you some day on your activism journey!

just a young author trying to make the world a better place